Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Owner: University of California, San Diego
Project: One Mesa (Student and Faculty Housing)
Sector: Education / Multi-Family
Services Provided: Gilman 4K Construction Cameras / Aerial Progress Videos / Aerial Photography / 2D/3D Mapping

Process & Results

For this large site we installed three Gilman construction cameras at the onset of the build. During the three-year project we flew the drone a few times per year to document major milestones throughout construction. All of the flights stitched together provided the footage for an impressive final video provided to the contractor. 

The project team worked extremely hard and they were proud to see it all come alive in a comprehensive video. Hensel Phelps effectively used this video in presentations for new business, and also shared it within the company. 

Most importantly, the company shared the video with the owner (UC San Diego) so they could see the build progress throughout the three years.