Contractor: Markovich Construction Company
Owner: Centerpointe Development
Project: Starbucks-Butte, MT
Sector: Retail
Services Provided: Gilman 4k Construction Cameras

Process & Results

Centerpointe Development builds Starbucks coffee shops all over the country, and does so with a limited staff. Calling us to install a camera is the first thing they do before they start construction on all of their projects. 

In the past, Centerpointe was making monthly trips to the sites to check in with the contractor. Our cameras saved them time in travel to the site, in addition to the cost of flights and hotel stays. This alone covers the cost of a camera, but that doesn’t account for the saved time that travel takes away from other things they need to be focusing on. 

Centerpointe often works with local contractors, many of whom they may not have worked with in the past. Being able to verify how the project is progressing gives them peace of mind and confidence in their building team. Ultimately, and especially in a place like Butte, Montana in the winter, a camera allows them to see with their own eyes the impact the weather has on the schedule.